Today I’m talking about five amazing freelancing tips just for you. So I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to go about freelancing? what is freelancing? how to start off? and how to get your very first project? Specially if you’re a beginner in computer science or information technology.
So in this article I’m going to be giving you Five amazing tips which I believe. I have followed throughout my freelancing time and this will surely help you. Specially if you’re a beginner. So let’s get started.

Tip 1: Just start man just start. Let me explain what I mean by just start. So when I say just start, What I’m trying to say is even if you’re a big nerd it. Is not important that you are master of particular technology.If you’re getting into it, let’s take an example of web development. Even if you have very basics of web development. let’s say you just studied basics of HTML CSS in JavaScript. And if you are wondering whether you are not ready enough. Whether you’re not perfect enough. Whether you are not mastered that particular technology or language. Then I’m really going to tell you one thing that if you’re going to be running behind perfection out of a beginners level then you’ll never start freelancing. You’ll always be under confident and thinking that okay. I am not really sure. I’m not really prepared and that thought will procrastinate you’re freelancing. So what I’m trying to say is just start off with whatever knowledge you have. Then you can build on top of. It so to clear this out let me give you my example itself.
When I first started off my first project was a portfolio website for a fashion designer.Me and my friend had approached him. So he came in via some contact and he wanted a portfolio website. He was going to be uploading this photoshoot images every week every month and it was a dynamic website and we did not know anything about dynamic websites. So we had started off with a little bit of web development. So we learned a little bit of HTML, little bit CSS JavaScript. just by youtubing, just by googling and we were confident enough that we can build a static portfolio website.
But we did not know how to go about a dynamic website where in the user is going to put a lot of content every week. Right so what we did is we literally took that order we guess I charged him around 5,000 rupees. Money was not our primary criteria. We came home and we googled out and we came across this concept of WordPress. So WordPress is a content management system and I’m not going to get into a lot of detail. But basically what it is? does it gives you a dynamic template wherein you can drag and drop pages drag and create dynamic stuff. okay So it’s built on top of PHP and We started learning PHP a little bit. Because we did not have it in our curriculum and we got the basics. we learned WordPress we literally took that order before. Even like being sure that whether we can do it or not you know we just did it and then after we learn WordPress. We actually made that website we deployed it and it worked out pretty well. So when I say just do it I literally mean you don’t have to be an expert in any kind of domain. So this was just web development. let’s say you’re getting into software or Android app development or anything you know you don’t have to be an expert you just need to start. So yeah that was tip number one. just start let’s move on to tip number two now.

Tip 2: Start off with your contacts. So now you are all hyped up you are all pumped up. you are like okay I’m gonna start. I’m gonna start and you’re all excited about this. but you’re like okay so where do I get my first contact? where do I get my first business? where do I get my first Freelance order? Right so the best way to start off. Start off from your contacts from your family from your Friends from your mutual friends and long-distance family members who ever have a business. Now the reason why you should start off with your family and your friends is? Because the level of risk is low. You know so when you are approaching a random person the risk of you making a mistake. In the project is very high. You know the stakes are high. So let’s say if you are relative or your uncle is having a business. Your uncle is a chartered accountant. this is just an example, let’s see he’s a chartered accountant and he has his own form. You can approach him and you can tell him that you’re into web development and you want to develop a website. That you will take so-and-so amount of time and probably want to charge or not.
I would not recommend that you charge for the first time maybe. Specially if he or she is your family member but then you can do it. If you feel I am NOT saying that you should not charge. But yet the stakes will be very less you know the risk will be very less. Because he or she is your family member. Or he or she is a friend right so even if we make a mistake. Even if the time gets delayed you can still get off easily. you know if you’re doing it for a stranger then you can get into some trouble rate. So the best way to start off with your friends and a lot of your friends a lot of your family members. Definitely must be having some kind of business before each you can develop a software for which you can develop an application for which you can develop a website. and what not you know so it can be pretty much everything and anything. So yes start off with your contacts that’s the tip number two let’s move on to the next step tip number three.

Tip 3: This is you need to team up, You need to collaborate, You need to partner up. So now you are pumped up, You are excited. You are ready to make your first move into the freelancing world and you’ve also figured out that you’re going to be starting off with your contacts with your relatives or maybe your own parents business. Let’s say but now you are wondering okay you still lack that little bit of confidence. So the best way to overcome that is to partner up with some of your friend who is like-minded. So Let’s say you want to get into web development and you want to develop a website for your own family. Let’s say your dad or mom has some business and you want to develop a website. For that let’s take an example, let’s say your mom or dad is a dentist or a doctor and he or she has her own clinic so you want to develop a website for that clinic. you know so what you can do is you can approach your friend who is also into web development and you can tell him that hey man you know what I’m trying to develop this website. let’s do it together and the biggest advantage of this is that you will have one more smart mind working on the project you know. So when you have one more or more than one minds working on a project. There is a lot of knowledge transfer as is happening between the two so let’s say you are stuck at some module maybe your friend can resolve that and why say Versailles. You know maybe he or she is stuck at some problem and you can resolve it. So the speed of the development of project increases and the success rate also increases and you learn a lot from your friends and one more amazing thing that you learn is you learn how to perform teamwork. You know so when you are actually completing your educational career and when you start off with your corporate career you gonna be working in teams right that’s obvious because it’s not about individuals it’s about team when you work in a corporate environment and the best example and the best experience that you can get is by freelancing and by collaborating with others. So teaming up is really really important it will also boost your confidence because then you can divide the risk we can divide the work among members of your partners and that will give you a little bit more confidence so that’s step number three. Lets moving on to tip number four.

Tip 4: That is not really essential but it will definitely help you when you want to out grow your business. When you want to out grow your freelancing projects. and the tip number four is to get social. When I say get social what I mean is you need to be a little bit active on digital media. That is the social media platform so you need to create a Facebook page, you need to create an Instagram page, you need to create a small blog or website if you want but I would really recommend this because creating the social media pages will help you grow more than your friends more than your family. it will help you reach out the entire world and I have noticed that there is a lot of negativity at times when it comes to social. People say that you get addicted to Facebook, you get addicted to Instagram but you know what the irony is the people who complain about all these social media platforms are also complaining on these social media platform itself, right? so instead of talking negative about all these social media platforms how about you try to utilize it you know so. Actually we need to use it positively for your benefit in a positive way and not take it negatively. So yes being social is very important you might get your next project, next freelance order right from the social media platforms. As you move ahead you know so once you’ve exhausted your list of contacts, once you’ve exhausted all the list of family members you can actually go social. You can promote your pages, promote your work online and that will really help you a lot and creating a digital identity on social media. Creating a website, creating a blog, creating a page gives it a professional look and you can showcase your work there. Also so this was step number four let’s move on to the last Tips.

Tip 5: Now the last Tips is sort of like my personal opinion, personal advice, personal suggestion. It will surely help you if you need to be jack of all and king of none. So what do I mean by jack of all and king of none? So when you are starting off with your freelance career. I am assuming that you are a college student and you haven’t really got into the corporate world. So you don’t have a lot of experience. So when this is the case I would suggest you guys that you try out a lot of different technologies rather than sticking to one particular technology. Okay so let’s say you want to become a master of PHP and you’re like okay. I’m going to do web development and I’m only gonna stick to PHP but you know that technology keeps on changing a lot of things become obsolete outdated and new new technologies keep on coming right so what if PHP gets outdated? what are you going to do right so instead of that how about you first start off with PHP. Then try a little bit of as well then get into JavaScript so this was for web development let’s let’s say maybe you hop into Android development mobile apps let’s see you hop into software development c-sharp or Java software apps and what not you know you need to diversify yourself. I need to be having knowledge about each and everything little bit at least in the fundamentals. So what I’m trying to say is you don’t have to be master of one particular technology at least at a big level but you need to know a lot of things at least at the fundamental level. So this reduces the risk what if tomorrow. One thing gets outdated you can easily switch to another thing right and it’s always good to have lot of knowledge so after you complete your college you will be getting into corporate scenarios and in that you will be obviously working on one particular technology, right?
So it is always good to have a lot of technology background. That is a variety of technology of backgrounds. So because then you can make a switch between your jobs also easily right if you have worked on different technologies. You can easily make that switch so this is always advisable and it’s not necessary you can always master one particular technology but at a business level. I would not suggest that because personally. I never did that. so what? I started off with web development with PHP then I shifted to little bit of ASP. I also did software development windows form application development using C shop. I was not into Java much but later on. I also moved on to Android app development. So mobile app development was under my hood so a lot of things I have tried out and I’m not going to say that I am going to be a master of one particle. I’m still not actually but I do know a lot of things at a basic level, at a fundamental level. So that I can always switch between them depending upon what technology is relevant so here these were my five tips for starting off with freelancing. I hope these were very informational to you.

share it with anyone who wants to get into freelancing but does not have that confidence and need some important tips these really are very helpful for beginners. Because these are tried and tested by myself . These are my personal opinions. I’m pretty sure these will help you a lot.


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