Imagine getting three times the amount of subscribers with the same amount of views. Channel customization can make that a reality. I’ll share how.

You don’t get a second chance to form first impressions on YouTube. And when a new viewer lands on your channel, how you’ve customized that channel will dramatically impact whether they subscribe, watch one of your videos, or leave. Here’s a channel that hasn’t customized their layout, and thus, you’ve got liked videos from other channels leading viewers straight off this particular channel. Now, if you’ve gone ahead and customized your channel, that’s great, but I bet you haven’t done what I’m gonna share, which will generate far better results for you.

But first, here’s how to customize your channel in case you haven’t. First, log in to Creator Studio, then access your channel and click on this gear icon. Now, if you’ve got the new channel layout, if you don’t see the gear, you may see a blue button that says Customize Channel, click that. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see some new functionality on your channel homepage, Add Section. In the sections that you add are primarily playlists. Playlists are the building blocks of how you organize your channel layout, your channel customization, and now we’re gonna dig deep into Analytics to really ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward and you’re optimizing your layout to gain more subscribers.

Let me show you.You can actually increase the amount of viewers who become subscribers. And you do that by identifying the videos that are converting viewers into subscribers at a high level. However, what most YouTubers do is they lead with their upload playlists. And, if you’re just getting started on YouTube or you’re struggling to grow, then I highly recommend that you don’t add uploads to the top of your channel. Now both Aliex Fishing TV, as well as Zirconia Home Remedies are doing just that. But they can make this change to grow much faster on YouTube, so can you. Now, Drew from BritishCook is leading with a custom playlist. That’s good, but let’s amplify things. You see, every channel on YouTube has some videos that convert viewers into subscribers at a much higher level. For example, this video on uploading a thumbnail takes 1,000 views to generate one subscriber.

That ain’t very good. However, it only takes 100 views for my newer videos to generate two subscribers. Think about that, 100 views, two subscribers, or 1,000 views for one subscriber. Which one do you want? If you’re wondering what I did to dramatically increase my results, keep watching, it’s coming up. And that brings me to a question for you. Do you know which videos are leading to your channel growth? Do you know which videos are performing at a high rate? It’s important, and that brings me to this image. This is a heat map, which really represents where viewers focus their eyes when they first land on a webpage. And the reds and yellows are indications as to where most people are focusing their attention. Now, once you go ahead and enable channel customization, you’ll get this layout with the channel trailer. Now here’s what up, you don’t necessarily have to have a channel trailer, but you want to ensure the video you use in that area is optimized to gain your channel more subscribers. We’ll talk more about that as we carry on.

Now, just as important as the channel trailer, is what I like to call the leading playlist. Gosh, this is so important. And this is where channel customization and how you organize your playlist, really plays such a huge role. And how you organize your playlists ultimately dictates which videos new viewers are likely to click, and this is where things get really powerful. In this example, Video A gets far more clicks than Video B, and thus, you want to make sure that your best video is featured in the Video A position. So, how should you move forward and organize your playlist, and then organize your channel layout? It really depends on where you’re at with your channel growth. I like to think of YouTubers in two different camps.

One is Phase One, that’s you’re an early YouTuber, you’re getting started, and you’re trying to figure out how to make all the stuff work. Now, Phase Two is you’re a mature YouTuber and you can consistently publish videos that viewers watch and they subscribe to. When you have that consistency, then it changes how you organize things. For most people, they’re in Phase One trying to figure it out. So, you want to create a playlist with your best-performing videos. Here’s how you can do that. Access YouTube Analytics, and then identify 10 videos that are performing well in views, watch time, as well as subscribers gained. You want to select the videos that are performing well in all of these areas.

Now, this can be a bit time consuming, but if you’ve got TubeBuddy, you can simply create one playlist, add a bunch of your videos to that playlist, and then sort the videos based on likes. Why likes? Because videos that have been liked often have also been watched often. People subscribed to those videos, and so on. Now, after you’ve ordered the videos, then delete all videos except for the top 10. And that will leave you with a playlist of the top 10 performing videos, at which you can manually remove the last five. If you do have an established channel, you’re consistently publishing videos that viewers are responding to, then what I recommend is to create a video called Recent. The reason this makes sense is you want to have control over which videos go into the playlists that are featured at the top of your channel. Uploads doesn’t allow you to do that.

And here’s a bonus tip.
Make sure you’re using consistent branding. Choose the same color palette, the same font, and the same look and style for your thumbnails. That’ll create a powerful first impression when new viewers land on your channel.


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