I’m gonna give you five channel tips that are gonna help you get more subscribers, and we’re starting right now. The very first thing is to optimize your channel page, let me explain what that means. You wanna add sections, and then add playlists to those sections, with the titles of the playlist as actual titles, and the descriptions of those playlists, as short descriptions of what is actually happening happening in that playlist.

This is extremely important because it helps people find your content a lot easier, because some people use YouTube in a way, to where they’ll just go and they’ll click on your videos’ page, and they’ll see what it is that you have to offer there. But a lot more people go directly to the channel page. So what you want is when people land on your channel page, you want them to be able to scroll down and see more of the content that you have to offer. You do this by simply clicking on the customized channel option, on your channel page, and then clicking the add section for each section that you want to add. To add the playlist from the drop down, you want to make sure that you select single playlist and then you wanna pull in whatever playlist it is that you are wanting to use. Now you wanna make sure that you think this through, you don’t want to just add playlist to your channel page, for the sake of adding a playlist to your channel page. What you wanna do is this. You wanna think about your viewers and you wanna think about how you can lead them into the content that makes sense for them to watch. So wanna group your content together into playlists, add those playlists to your channel page, in a way that makes sense to the people that watch your content. You can use my channel page as an example. As you scroll down the channel page you’re gonna see that I have solutions to common problems, you know how to YouTube on your phone, and how to make YouTube videos, how to come up with video ideas.

All this stuff that I get asked a bunch, I have a playlist for those specific things because those are things that people wanna know about. Now there’s some advanced stuff that you can do with this, we’ll get into that in another video. So make sure to subscribe, if you haven’t already. But the idea here is to simply make your content easy for people to find. Number two, make sure that you’re using the tabs on your channel page, that will show returning viewers of a specific video that you define, and also the new viewers tab that will show new viewers as they come in the specific video, that you define as well. A lot of people use this for a channel trailer, and using a channel trailer there is a fantastic option, because it gives you the opportunity, to let that new viewer know, exactly what it is that you are offering on your page. But depending on what it is that you’re trying to accomplish with your channel, you may wanna use that for some other stuff, but for now, just use it for a channel trailer. Number three, you wanna make it extremely clear what it is that you’re offering on your channel, in your channel art, and the reason that this is important is how many times have you watched a video and then you go to the channel page, to see what else the person has to offer, and you have a hard time figuring out, what it is that they even offer in the first place? Well, if you just tell people, this is what I offer on my channel, and you just say it clearly in your channel art, this is exactly what this channel is about, then that makes it easy for people to understand exactly what it is that you’re offering. Another bonus with that is it also let’s people know what is currently happening on your channel, because a lot of times, let’s say that you started making videos four years ago, and now the type of video that you make on your channel isn’t exactly what you were making four years ago or even a year ago, but those videos are still getting views and all of that stuff, when people land on your channel page what happens when you make it clear what it is that you’re doing is, it let’s people know what is happening right now on your youtube channel.

The next one is to optimize your about me page. A lot of people overlook this and they think, “Oh, well, you know, it’s just a page to let people know what’s going on on my channel” and they don’t take it seriously, but check this out. At the time of this recording, the first 157 characters on Twitter and the first 73 characters on Facebook that show up when people share your channel, that’s what people see, that’s actually pulled from your about me page. So knowing that information, what you can do is you can say, “Okay, I’m gonna craft the first 157 characters and the first 73 characters in a way so that when people share my stuff out on social media, the words that I’m gonna use there, are gonna make sense.” It’s gonna be something persuasive, or something that’s going to identify my channel to the targeted people that I’m trying to reach, to encourage them to click on my channel, and then come in from social media. In a nutshell what I’m getting at is just make it enticing, make it to where when somebody sees it on social media they’re like, “Hey, I wanna check out that channel.” The next one is to choose a good profile picture.

If you are a personality channel, and what I mean by that is you are in your videos, take a close up photo of your face, and make that your profile picture. Or at least have some type of profile picture that makes it easy for people to identify, as the type of content that you make. So for example if you’re a gamer, then in that case you might want to show something that is related to the game or your logo or something like that. But again, if you’re a personality channel, where you’re actually putting yourself on camera, then in that case, that’s just another place where people can identify you as they get to know you, or they can say, “Hey, there’s a person behind by this channel, so I’m gonna go and check that out” after you leave a comment somewhere, or when you’re participating in live streams for example. In an nutshell, this helps people identify you and it helps you stand out in the comment section, because a lot of people on YouTube, they’re just using logos or just pictures that they don’t put any thought into. So put some thought into it, let people know you, especially if you’re trying to build your personal brand, or you just want people to know you.


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